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Heads or Tails? The Risks of Bitcoin as U.S. Elections Happen

In a piece of round-up news, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is breaking through the $12,000 but now crashes in a handsome twist of fate. While the S&P 400 keeps reaching high, the Gold has undergone its all-time high mark.

However, these assets remain under similar categories: all at risk for a sizable correction, primarily because of the dark cloud hanging over the coming United States 2020 Presidential election.

With the US Elections nearing, there are forecasted implications on Trump and Biden’s coming showdown, which experts say is ending a deadly blow to markets, especially Bitcoin.

Two months from now, the results of the most-talked-about runs between President Donald J. Trump retain his presidency versus the opposing former Vice President Joe Biden

Though not yet happening, the potential administration change and how that could affect the corporate tax law has paved the way to significant shifts in sentiment ahead of each Presidential election. A case in point is Trump taking office got out of the seat in the Bitcoin market.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is poised to do the exact contrary of Trump.

These same analysts fear that while one of the most significant recoveries on record and peak vitality, such a win may not yet be weighed. However, this is not an impossible task to achieve.

Meanwhile, other charts and figures are predicting some numbers.

The CBOE Index, on the other hand, is a volatility index that checks implied volatility in the S&P 500, rises every election year, with manifesting some general explosiveness throughout.

Nonetheless, brought about by the pandemic and some Econo-political instability, the VIX has never been higher during a recent election year.

The last time it got overheated than Bitcoin, the Black Thursday followed.

From then, it immediately suddenly correlated with the S&P stock market index when it never did before through its entire run.

Whatever this change in Bitcoin has achieved, securing other investors, or different dynamics at play is unknown. However, the association over the last two quarters since the pandemic hit cannot be denied.

In the past, Bitcoin reigns supreme every after the election. Still, right now, people like analysts explain there would be a more favorable environment for the corporate world to keep on thriving.

Que sera sera, there would be market volatility, which could lead to way riskier in the days leading up the final Trump versus Biden clash for president of the USA.

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