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John McAfee: Ghost Crypto Project will fail

August 22, 2020

John McAfee, a two-time U.S. presidential candidate, has announced that he is leaving the Ghost Cryptocurrency project. He claims that it will fail “without a doubt” and his reputation has been damaged. However, his Ghost phone service will be launched as planned; he emphasized adding that there will be a new cryptocurrency for the ghost ecosystem.

Trouble With Ghost Crypto

McAfee has been building the Ghost ecosystem that includes the privacy-centric Ghost Cryptocurrency, an exchange, and phone service has announced that he is no longer supporting the Ghost Cryptocurrency. He tweeted: “I am abandoning the Ghost project. Management is incapable of making a success of the project. It will, without a doubt fail.” Then he apologized to those he “led astray”

The antivirus tycoon insisted that he assumed the ghost cryptocurrency, but Switch CEO John Case crumbled everything. “Josh controlled the project. He was killing it,” McAfee told his Twitter followers. “Josh is an idiot,” he continued to tweet. “I added Ghost to my Ghost ecosystem because I had his assurance that he would be 100% focused on the ghost. He never fulfilled that promise. I could no longer support a project managed by someone working on Clearpoll, Ethershare etc.”

McAfee leaves Ghost Crypto Project, he says it will fail, and his reputation has been damaged

Explaining why his “hands are tied,” McAfee posted a private message he sent to Case.

“If you had told me, from the beginning, that making money for you, myself and everyone involved in Ghost, was of no interest to you and you merely wanted a piss around with worthless projects, like Ethershare, from your past that never made you, nor anyone else a dime, then I would never have given you legal control over ghost,”

The message reads, and also adds that:

 “Now I have to find another coin for the ghost ecosystem and you have damaged my reputation through your inability to focus your inability to focus exclusively on the task at hand.”

McAfee announced in July that the Ghost ecosystem also consists of the Ghost phone service. It claims to help subscribers be “invisible,” noting that it will be “the first 4G data service to make connections to the network untraceable.”

After an assembly with the Ghost executive team, McAfee confirmed: “Our Ghost phone service – coming Sept. 30, is the foundation of our ecosystem and nothing will change with the service. We are, though, dropping GHOST as our privacy coin and will replace it.”

In June, the Ghost Cryptocurrency was launched, and exchange listed the ESH token at the end of May before McAfee parachuting some ghost coins to ESH holders. During the same month, the Ghost team announced a partnership with the digital currency payment processor Ivendpay that allows 60 vending machines in Hong Kong to accept the ghost cryptocurrency for payments along with other cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, BCH, and BNB.

Reacting to McAfee’s parting announcement, the “Ghost by McAfee” team clarified on Wednesday: “We will be dropping the ‘by John McAfee’ soon and will just be called Ghost … John is in no way involved in any day to day operations, nor has he ever been involved with any of the tech or building of Ghost.” The price of the ghost cryptocurrency has dropped about 63% from its Wednesday high to $0.266391 recently.

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