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Litecoin Blockchain operated Video Game rewards Players to earn LTC

CipSoft, a Germany-based video game company, has recently released a game that entirely operates on the Litecoin blockchain and doesn’t have a central server, according to an announcement published on Twitter earlier today.

The online RPG, named LiteBringer, is similar to CipSoft’s first video game Tibia, which involves fantasy characters, challenging quests, and rewards. However, in Litebringer, the game’s weapons and characters can be stored on the LTC blockchain and transferred between players.

Concretely, every move in the game is a transaction on the Litecoin blockchain that would allow players to earn LTC in real-time. The integration can make the game the first of its kind to use the LTC blockchain.

The creator of Litecoin, called CipSoft, Charlie Lee, is one of the pioneers of online gaming and welcomed developing the chief real litecoin game.

Ulrich Schlott, the lead product manager of LiteBringer and one of the founders of CipSoft, believed that blockchain technology had the potential to transform gaming by giving all the “power” to the players, which made LiteBringer “thrilling.” Since the game has been based on the LTC blockchain, it also has miners add to the “continued existence of the network,” which made the game “immortal,” according to the CipSoft team.

In the meantime, there have been other blockchain-based games that ride on Ethereum and Bitcoin. Examples are World of Ether, MegaCryptoPolis which allow users to earn ETH; on the other hand, Neon District is another role-playing game where users can transfer their assets to the Ethereum main net. The news recently says that the Bitcoin-based game Lightnite has launched BTC rewards early this month.

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