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Matic Network Seeks to Become the Go-To Platform for Gaming dApps

There’s so much business in Matic Network recently.

An initiated project has been recently finalized by the company, and Phase 1 of its main net launch, which sees adding third-party staking validators into the mix.

The list of external validators available so far includes Infosys, Chain Guardians, Biconomy, and Torus.

In a tweet, the company confirmed that they are experiencing an additional 25 external validators that will come on board during the Phase 2 session.

Also, Matic recently finished Deployment Week. This is about the reveal of five dApps over five days.

Some of the existing apps were 0xUniverse, Blocklords, 0xRacers, BlockchainCutie, and 0xWarriors, to name a few.

On the other hand, the firm laid out its strategy to appeal to the general public through the development of gaming dApps.

In a statement, they mentioned that “Blockchain gaming is evolving at an impressive rate and gaming is set to become a major onboarding ramp to blockchain for the masses in the coming years, but the development of high-performance infrastructure is critical if we are to see this come to fruition.”

Matic, who still recognizes that blockchain gaming is peppered with issues, is quipping that slow transaction times and high transaction fees all culminate in poor user experience for gamers.

With a platform ready to be launched, Matic says they have addressed these concerns to create a “seamless blockchain gaming experience.”

Case in point, they have achieved such as near-instant block confirmations, 1/1000th the fees of the Ethereum mainchain, technical support for developers, smooth migration for existing Ethereum dApps, access to developer’s tools, and financial support programs.

Nevertheless, they were also keen to stress that dApps, other than gaming, also attract the same level of support. In particular, DeFi protocols. This makes some experts conclude that gaming will be the first “real” use case for blockchain adoption.

Gaming = Blockchain?

From studies by TopTal Research, gaming may well be the tipping point for the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

They highlighted that gaming and blockchain already have many commonalities, primarily, the customization of gamers to virtual currency.

Furthermore, they believe that “Games evolved and fused with the internet: Now, in-game gold and items can be purchased with real-life (fiat) currency.”

In various views from developers, blockchain could also possibly0 give answers to many many of the issues they face. This includes granting users immutable ownership of in-game items, which in turn deals with the problem of hacking and fake in-game assets.

The Managing Partner of Konvoy Venturee Josh Chapman said blockchain technology by itself is not a draw for the average consumer.

As well, he added that “I think in the future of blockchain, consumers will never know they’re even using it. This is similar to how I, as a consumer, don’t know that there are five intermediaries when I send a wire transfer.”

In terms of development, Matic can still focus on the Fortnite of the blockchain tech apart from its current model.

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