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Pranksyland – The Largest Collaboration of Artists in NFT History going Live!

The much-awaited art collaboration among several crypto digital artists and a plot in Ethereum (ETH) powered virtual reality world Cryptovoxels, called Pranksyland, is set to start this 25th of August.

Game creator, Pranksy bought a plot in the Cryptovoxel virtual world. He will now make it into a virtual exhibit hall for several crypto artists to showcase their work to a wider Non-Fungible Token (NFT), cryptocurrency, and artistic community. 

This will go down through an incentivized launching event hosted by influencers in the NFT world. Pransky called it “the largest collaboration of Crypto based digital artists in history.”

Just to remember, NFTs are a class of crypto-assets made possible by blockchain networks that support the art of decentralized apps (dapps) through the deployment of smart contracts. They are unique tokens, which may or may not represent a real-world asset deployed on the blockchain.

Collaborating on the singularity of NFTs, Cryptovoxels sells virtual lands for which crypto-artists can build stores and art galleries, forming on each artist’s creativity to build a diverse range of unique products that can be bought and sold.

Rethinking NFT-Based Artistry

Pranksy, the brain behind the forthcoming Pranksyland project, a game developer without “a prior crypto experience” who forayed into the NFT metaverse through Cryptokitties back in 2017.

I’m a game designer as a day job so game and collectible economies within NFTs enticed me,” said Pranksy, adding:

“I spent a lot of time in my teens flipping diablo weapons and FIFA ultimate team cards, So the introduction of NFTs has been a whole new world to me.”

Very optimistic to establish a landmark in a whole new world, Pranksy got inspiration from other crypto artists (notably Alotta) to turn his acquired plot of land on Cryptovoxel into a hub like-minded NFT artists to come showcase and monetize their digital creations.

NFTs and their associated products have not seen as large of adoption when compared to other blockchain applications like decentralized lending. Furthermore, there have been some concerns expressed by the industry insiders over the state of NFTs and the market since the COVID-19 pandemic has started.

As an example, Aleksander Larsen, COO Axie Infinity, a game (Dapp) that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, said back in April that the “market has dried up considerably after the recent situation with COVID-19.”

Still, Pranksy expects the highly awaited launch of Pranksyland will:

“have the largest turnout for any virtual event yet held, potentially hundreds of attendees on the night – I think the crypto voxel servers are at threat.”

At the launch, twenty distinguished crypto NFT artists, including Coldie, Hackatao, and Bryan Brinkman, to mention just a few, will be showcasing their unique designs. These designs are expected to sell out fast per Pranksy, who believes that the set prices will be fair, some matching the raw value of the plot on Cryptovoxel.

While Pranksyland aims to redefine the NFT craft and the entire ecosystem, its model is unique – but with a “small but hardcore bunch” of teammates, Pranksy stated that his virtual estate would usher in the new artistic world order.

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