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Reddit for Angry Crypto Traders

Angry crypto traders are now taking it to Reddit

May has been one of the nastiest and most volatile months for the crypto market in 2021. And traders are now sharing their anger on Reddit.

There are many reasons why the market has suffered this much. The past bull run attracted a lot of new traders and investors that enter the crypto world, many of them have no proper training and buying at the top of the market.

Because of all this, a lot of crypto traders have shared their stories on Reddit. They share their frustrations and blow off some steam.


They Lost Everything

A lot of traders have been hit hard by the crypto crash. They have seen 50% of their portfolio vanished, lost life savings, and payment for their houses, cars, or rent.

A user shared his story on how his family lost 50% in their overall investments. Now they can’t buy a car and their dream of buying a home will be on hold, they also have a baby coming.

But despite the calamity, they won’t still sell.

“She was upset, but she said we shouldn’t sell for a loss, and just to keep holding for the next few years and act as if the money doesn’t exist. […] Remember, if you do all the investing, that means you did all the losing. Don’t deny this.”

A Reddit user

Some are Still Optimistic

A trader stated that the crypto crash came amidst the already rough month for him. Despite the crypto chaos, he encouraged everyone in the community to not allow themselves to go in a downward spiral if they ever go through the same situation.

“Remember to consider the good things in life first before dwelling on depressing news and events”, he said.

“Excited for crypto to change the world for the better, just going to take a little bit longer than we want but the good things always take patience and especially this year, I am trying to be as patient as any sane person in these tumultuous times.”

A Reddit user

Some traders assume that the current situation is an opportunity for everyone who wants to enter the crypto world, and they are not too late. A user bought ETH when it was $120. But he highlighted the difficulty of buying the dip because there is a lot of FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt – going around and the markets are at rock bottom, continuing “it takes courage to buy dips.”

“The thing I’m trying to say is that it’s impossible to time the market, but don’t call people who buy at dips ‘lucky’. It takes courage to buy at long time lows, not knowing if the market is going to back up. It’s much easier in hindsight, during a bull run. Remember this.”

A Reddit user

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