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Ripple’s Cavalry May Double XPR Price

  • XRP has shifted into a new, high probability opportunity.
  • Ripple awarded the buy the dip investment viewpoint yesterday.
  • The United States former treasurer of joins Ripple’s board of directors.

XRP value’s big break began as a reversed head-and-shoulders pattern, but it has evolved into a bullish cup-with-handle base on the intra-day charts. 

Ripple’s exciting transformation has it on the cusp of a sizable rally, putting the all-time high at the speculator’s fingertips.

Former US treasurer joined Ripple’s board of directors. 

First, it is necessary to state that Rosa Gumataotao Rios has joined Ripple’s board of directors. Considering she’s the 43rd treasurer of the United States. Rios was the US treasurer from 2009 to 2016 under the Obama administration.

She spearheaded all currency and coin performance activities with an annual estimate of $5 billion. Her profession has principally focused on economic growth, urban revival, and real estate financial support. 

In Ripple’s blog, Rios highlighted her dedication; financial inclusion, authority, and how innovation represents a vital role in that pursuit. She also connected the viewpoint that cryptocurrency is the what and Ripple is the how.

Ripple's Cavalry

“I’ve devoted my career to financial inclusion and empowerment, which requires bringing new and innovative solutions to staid processes. Ripple is one of the best examples of using crypto in an essential and rightful role to utilize payments worldwide.”

It is an astonishing achievement for Ripple. Recognizing the continuing struggle with the SEC and whether or not to define XRP as a currency or security. Rios’ post adds the trustworthiness crucial for Ripple to operate the corridors of the US federal and constitutional institutions. 

Ripple is a traditional high-risk, conceivably high-return crypto opportunity. For that reason, speculators need to be aware of the critical support levels.

A drop under the handle low of $1.31 would be a warning. XRP price was vulnerable to a more strong pullback and, as a result, a more complex bottoming process.

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