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Sega & Atari Ex-ecutives Joins the NFT Bandwagon

As part of its plunge into the booming non-fungible-token (NFT) gaming division, NFT gaming ecosystem provider 8Hours Foundation appointed Michael Katz as a member of its advisory board.

Katz has a long 25-year tenure within the video game entertainment sector, including top roles in notable gaming firms. He was the previous president of Atari Video Game Division, president of SEGA in the U.S., and Mattel’s marketing director.

The 8Hours Foundation expects to encourage the confirmation of its brand-new products launched under the brand VIMWorld with Katz’s extension to its board.

VIMWorld is a non-fungible token ecosystem that provides a verification system that enables owners to store and build value through different connections among gaming entrepreneurs.

The 8Hours Foundation’s advisory board includes former executives from mainstream gaming franchises such as Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and Tetris.

A delegate from the foundation commented on the Katz’ incorporation into their advisory team:

“His [Michael Katz] industry weight is unmatched, having been part of some of the most successful novel product launches in gaming history. With extensive experience working at the head of Atari, SEGA, and Mattel, we are confident Michael’s advisory will prove indispensable for our future success, having already led major gaming companies to new heights and product areas.”

In different recent releases within the blockchain gaming industry, BBC Studios recorded the blockchain gaming space on August 13 after partnering with the Reality Gaming Group to develop a digital trading game for the popular TV series, Doctor Who.

This signifies that the British public service broadcaster has adopted blockchain technology to market their intellectual property.

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