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Sony Launches BTC Esports Platform

Sony launches a license for Bitcoin-Supported esports betting platform.

The video game and digital entertainment company of Sony Group, Sony Interactive has published its licensed application for an eSports betting platform that will allow Bitcoin payments.

Sony Supports Bitcoin in Latest Betting Platform

It has been published this month, however, it was initially filed by the entertainment firm last 2019. The information on this states that the company considers developing a betting service for livestream eSports events. The platform will enable viewers to bet on live streaming events like fighting games.

The company mentioned Bitcoin as one of the options where the viewers can place or earn from a bet.

“Wagers may be pecuniary, e.g., money or bitcoin, or maybe non-pecuniary, e.g., game assets, digital rights, and virtual currency.”

US20210142624 E-Sports Betting Platform patent

The platform will be mechanize by a machine learning algorithm that could learn correct odds on a training set from the former proposition bets. The algorithm will help identify basic events in the simulation for better proposition bets.

Once the proposition bets are defined, the odds for those bets are established either by a human or by an algorithm accessing the game analytic data of some or all of the simulation participants.”

US20210142624 E-Sports Betting Platform patent

Gaming Companies embraces Crypto

It is still unknown when the betting service launches. But it seems like a company’s effort gather more fans into the esports community.

Cryptocurrency and gaming are now getting closer and stronger as more firms continue supporting and assimilating digital currency in their services.

With a broader look at the sports industry, a lot of clubs began rewarding players in crypto and giving their own tokens. Some of them have currently scored enormous growth in price.

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