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South Korean Crypto Firm transformed into a Global Mask Producer to support the Covid-19 Crisis

A “medium-sized” South Korean crypto organization that built a facial mask plant as an instant reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has multiplied its new line of business – and has won Amazon permission to start shipping its protective equipment to “Europe and the United States,” as well as approval from American health authorities.

It was reported back in March on Pandagram – the supplier of a blockchain mainnet and a native token following March. At the climax of the crisis, the firm set up a mask manufacturing plant in Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province – somewhere on the outskirts of Seoul. The company used the plant to create an air pollution-resistant mask and a surgical mask in January.

It started marketing the items via its mobile app in April. As global face mask demand remains to surge, the firm now must step up a gear – and go worldwide.

As per Sports Seoul, Pandagram has acquired approval from Amazon to serve as an authorized vendor. And the firm said it had acquired two key product regulation codes from the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that it thinks will help its cause in the more competing worldwide market.

The blockchain business said it had been awarded FDA’s LYU surgical apparel product code and the administration’s QKR code, indicating that public health workers can wear masks. Padagram said it has also enlisted seven other companies to join its “Pandagram Mask Consortium,” with 12 more talks with the company.

Association members produce masks and sell them under the Pandagram trademark. Of course, there is also a crypto angle to all this PPE (personal protective equipment)-related industry:

Pandagram has begun a new Panda Mask-themed stablecoin to help it sell its masks.

The business said that if buyers choose to bypass Amazon and happen to hold at least USD 84 worth of Panda Mask tokens, they can get discounts of up to 20% on purchase prices – as well as free shipping.

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