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Steam Games Exploring Blockchain Functionalities

Pavillion Hub gaming platform partners with Steam to ease concerns on NFT trading. Blockchain’s inflexible drive into the gaming universe is happening at the same time on various fronts.

From AAA tentpole creations supported by major crypto players, through crypto-fueled Esports competitions in well known non-blockchain titles, to empowering designers to be ready for user-friendly blockchain integration devices.

GOATi Entertainment is adopting a double-headed strategy of its own with its Pavillion Hub offering; focusing on both the designers and players on one of the biggest gaming stages around, Steam.

Advanced yet user-friendly blockchain trading.

Pavillion Hub, powered by Phantasma blockchain, acts as a kind of blockchain-enhanced front end for Steam.

Gamers can simply link their Steam accounts to the downloaded app, and play all of their existing Steam content. However, the app will also create a Phantasma wallet for the player, allowing them to seamlessly utilize tradable non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, along with their Steam inventory.

Game developers can use the blockchain back-end of Pavillion to deliver the same in-game inventory through NFT assets. This stretches from in-game items and expansion packs to mods and even the game licenses themselves. The real draw is that it enables this with no need for specialist blockchain knowledge.

Market Resale on Steam Gaming Platform Steam has blocked the sale of individual assets in the game, which means that the only way to make money with the level 99 freeway you have spent in the past 4 years is by increasing your overall heating account, game licenses, and much more to sell.

However, any item presented as NFT can be bought and sold in the Pavilion Hub NFT market. This means that your rare talisman, full character, and even game licenses can be resold.

This also allows the model community to earn income from their skills, because mods and game extensions can also be traded freely. This platform also allows event organizations with smart contracts to collect and distribute GOATi tokens through betting or prize money.

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