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Sykes’ PH Lost Project with Google After Bitcoin Fraud Incident

Following a fraud incident of converting online gift cards into bitcoin by some of its BPO employees in Cebu, Philippines, Sykes PH has lost its Google account.

In a statement from a representative of the internet giant Google, they said that “we are continually assessing our business needs and have decided to shift this business to another vendor in the Philippines.

Early August, three Sykes employees were busted to extort about P60 million worth of Google online gift cards and changed it into bitcoins over a long period.

The Florida-based Sykes admitted that the scam took place but stressed it quickly dismissed the employees at fault.

“In the past few months, we learned that a small number of employees violated our standards of conduct. We took swift action on those employees by company policies,”

the BPO firm said.

As of press time, there was no disclosed information as to whether the firm has filed a specific criminal case to the said employees.

Refuting what was in circulating social media posts that around 300 workers were fired because of the incident, Sykes only noted that the employees who were not directly involved in the misdeed were transferred to other accounts within the company.

“While there have been business changes that may have impacted some groups, we have ensured that all our hardworking employees are reassigned to other programs,”

They emphasized that Sykes has clear policies and procedures to mitigate, recognize, and handle instances of fraud.

“We value the trust that our clients and employees put in us and will continue operating with the highest standards of quality and professionalism,” it quipped.

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