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Top Crypto Investment Platforms You Can Trust

Everyone wants a slice of the crypto pie but most are not sure how to go about investing in cryptocurrencies. For beginners, it is important to know how the crypto market works before they start putting in their hard-earned money into it.

The cryptocurrency market may be similar to the stock market but its behavior is quite different. It is known for being notoriously volatile and marked by sharp price swings. Even inexperienced people are into the Bitcoin trade due to the invention of bots like BitQT; check this out for more details. Here are some of the most trusted Bitcoin and crypto investing platforms:


This is the first name that comes to mind when you are looking for a Bitcoin or crypto investing platform because this exchange is known for its impeccable reputation. You can invest with USD directly and buy a host of crypto coins, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. This platform is easy to use and offers competitive rates. It focuses on addressing security concerns and it is their consistent efforts that explain why the cryptocurrency platform has not been hacked so far.


This US-based platform has FDIC protection and has also not been hacked before. It is user-friendly and prioritizes security. So, unlike many other exchanges, Gemini works to protect its customers’ money. It follows all industry-leading security norms and supports more than 20 digital currencies.


This platform has made a name for itself in the industry because it offers free trades for its users. While this may have started only in a handful of states, there are plans of expansion soon. This free investing app lets you enjoy crypto trading and stocks with premium features like after-hours trading and margin trading.


This crypto investing platform will let you earn interest. So, rather than selling the coins, you are free to lend them to take interest in the holdings. You can earn almost up to 8.6% every year on your crypto assets; this is more than 8 times the most competitive savings account rates. BlockFi lets you trade cryptos like Litecoin, Bitcoin, USDC, Ether, and GUSD.


eToro has been there for quite some time in Europe and the UK and recently have started trading in the US. You can access a wide range of crypto assets here and also benefit from a practice trade account. So, you can test the waters before you start trading in the real world. This platform provides 15 cryptocurrencies for trade and as a user; you can emulate trades of leading successful traders.


This platform is best known for starting trades on newer currencies like Neo and Cardano. It focuses on security controls and implements dual-factor authentication. Since 2017 when it was launched, Binance has had a successful run, making almost a billion in everyday trades. This made Binance one of the biggest platforms for altcoin trading. Growth was so dramatic that the platform had to discontinue registrations since 2018. Binance fees are also one of the least where crypto-to-crypto trades are concerned.


This is an advanced trade platform offering features like margin and spot trading for more experienced users. The interface comes with multiple options that make the platform a tad complex for newcomers. Kraken provides OTC services on a one-on-one basis for high-volume trades crossing $100k. Traders are also free to place large buy orders and sell orders anonymously without exposing their interests to others.

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