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Trump vs. Biden Bets are now Placed!

It is now less than six weeks before the US goes to the ballot. As per notification on BC.Game’s website on October 14, the platform wants to bring all the benefits the blockchain has to offer thru blending gaming and politics in a fair platform, further rewarding punters who will speculate whether Donald Trump will continue to rule until 2024 or if Joe Biden finally takes over.

Placing Bets for the US Presidential Elections

Unquestionably, the upcoming US Presidential election is going to be trending news. People are already anxious; the global economy dangles precariously, further waiting for the stability.

The top contenders are President Donald Trump, defending his position, and Joe Biden, the former Vice President of Barack Obama; they both yearn of grabbing the keys of the Oval Office.

The race will be won through tight margins. BC.Games therefore wants to make the upcoming US Presidential elections more fun, interactive and lucrative to those who wager that their candidate will win.

In order to make the event more historical, players’ bets will vote on a behalf. There are only two choices namely Tredump or Bidgreen. This should be placed until November 3.

Basically, the players are all free to participate and collect the coins as it increases the chances of receiving BTC rewards in weekly and final ranking of the events.

When the result of the US Presidential Election is announced, the top highest coin holder will split the total prize pool of rewards depending on which candidate will win.

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