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Gamers: Bet In One Of The Most Popular Video Games Using Crypto!

It’s a level up for e-sports and apparently its fans who want to try something new for an old game we all love – Counter-Strike.

Reports have confirmed that e-sports superstars of the famous shooter game Counter-Strike join a crypto-based tournament wherein token as bet will be available for fans. Starring Nathan Schmitt (NBK) and Asia’s best player Kevin Susanto (Xccurate), the tournament is expected to be a witness and participated by two million fans.

This tournament is sponsored by Veracity, who has inked a long-term partnership with the players. Accordingly, the video platform has started to work on a more stable licensing as it is now applying for a game license in Curacao. Veracity is known for its video and content to support VRA tokens. By definition, VRA is poised to take on the Basic Attention Token.

VRA token works like the Brave browser’s Basic Attention Token (BAT).

In a statement, its CEO, RJ Mark Hain told professed that VRA has some vast advantages over its stop line competitor one of which is its being environment agnostic and 100% of the revenue goes to the content creator.

He further added that the publisher is expected to join on board with using BAT for getting monetization He clarified that they have nothing to do with the browser instead. One of the disadvantages of other provides is the longer installment of SDK which monetization can be controlled before it goes on inside of that video player and ad stack for themselves.”

Verasity is catapulting the COVID-19 induced e-gaming boom. Rumor has it that other games like chess and other online games would very soon be up!

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