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Youtube Sensation, Casey Neistat got ‘High’ on Ethereum – 1000% To Be Exact!

Bitcoin and Ethereum have both blasted great in the past 24 hours. The price of BTC is up 8% in the past 24 hours as buyers rush in.

This rally has unsurprisingly captured the attention of those not conventionally “in this space.” For one, the hashtag for Bitcoin was trending on Twitter in Canada and the U.K., and conceivably in the U.S.

Casey Neistat, a famous Youtuber and entrepreneur, based in Los Angeles, revealed his excitement for Bitcoin and Ethereum. While he did not disclose at which price he bought BTC, he did disclose at which price he bought Ethereum.

ETH has under performed Bitcoin over recent days as the market centers its focus on the original crypto-asset.

Casey Is Up 1,000% On Ethereum.

As per Casey’s tweet published on November 5th, he was “buying ETH at $40 back in 2017” and still holds the coins he bought. Assuming this is true, that means that the prominent Youtuber is up around 1,000% on his investment.

He did not reveal how much money he put into Ethereum. He also did not tell how much money he put into Bitcoin.

Neistat’s remark regarding ETH came soon after tweeting “BTC!,” expressing his support for the ongoing rally.

This is not the first time that Neistat has mentioned cryptocurrency, whether that’s Bitcoin or Ethereum. He tweeted out the “BEST BITCOIN EXPLAINER EVER” to his Twitter feed in December 2017, just before the blow-off top that shook the industry and Wall Street.

He also inquired if Elon Musk would accept Bitcoin for the upcoming Tesla Roadster. Musk is interested in the leading cryptocurrency and Ethereum, being in tune with Silicon Valley and technological trends. Unfortunately for Neistat, Musk never responded to his offer about using Bitcoin for the Roadster.

Institutional Adoption Taking Place

Neistat talking about Ethereum comes amid a bout of institutional accumulation of the cryptocurrency.

For one, Australia’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia, recently announced that it would be adopting a platform based on Ethereum for its central bank digital currency tests.

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