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$1.4 Million Worth of Hacked Assets Cannot Be Refunded by EU BTC firm

An estimated $1.4 million worth of crypto money was hacked from 2gether, a Spanish cryptocurrency exchange.

According to its Chief Creative Officer Ramon Estrada, the incident happened last July 31, and several investment accounts’ private keys were bared.

Though there were no many details revealed, it is said in reports that this scam’s loss was 27% of the company’s assets.

However, the repercussions of having these stolen funds are gaining towards a worse note as 2geder confirmed.

In a separate memo, they later expressed that these could not be subject to reimbursement to investors as there is a lack of financial capacity.

Nevertheless, the company officials offered customers the native 2GT token as full compensation to these deficiencies. They added that despite these, they are still doing there best to cover all bases on this.

Some reports said that there are companies they are talking to but seem to no avail.

Another plea came stating that the volume in 2GT equivalent to the issuance price of 5 cents,

The exchange is contemplating an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on Reddit to respond to customer queries while additional updates, perhaps specifically on the unclear reimbursement timeline. This will be shared to social media.

From the records, this is the second European platform to lose money to cybercriminals in following the theft of $3 million, at UK-based Cashaa early July.

Based on the investigation, the attacker is believed to have inserted malware into one of the exchange’s computers.

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