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2020 is the Blockchain’s Tipping Point. Chinese Economist Predicts

2020 is an important year for integrating blockchain within all industries according to Chinese Economic Expert. The signs have shown.

Tencent blockchain accelerator challenge was held as of late in Shenzhen China. Its topic concerned the “blockchain industry and natural co-development”.

Professor Zhu Jiaming, a former financial analyst of United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the President of Chinese Digital Assets Research, says “2020 is a significant year for coordinating blockchain in various ventures, and it is a key period in the turn of events and application history of blockchain.”

To its Full Potential

Zhu says there is an extraordinary accord on the status of blockchain in macroeconomic and social administration, and this has reached the national vital level.

Zhu recognizes that the applying situations of blockchain have been extended lately. He likewise expresses that the mix of blockchain and different enterprises has gotten all the more completely created and that the environment of blockchain industrialization has started to show up.

In this unique circumstance, Zhu Jiaming accepts that: “Procedure, communication, biology, and increasing speed” have become the watchwords for blockchain coordination.

Tencent blockchain accelerator challenge

60 ventures were confirmed taking part in the Tencent blockchain accelerator challenge. They were separated into three gatherings: “industrial blockchain solutions”, “industrial blockchain infrastructure” and “industrial blockchain peripheral services”. They tackled financial, government issues, location, and coordinations, legal affairs, educational, industry, and different ventures, with a total value of more than 10 billion yuan, about 1.40 billion USD.

Cointelegraph stated April 30 that Tencent had opened applications for its new “Tencent Industrial Accelerator,” on 30 locations. Tencent Holdings will designate about $70 billion (500B yuan) throughout the next five years in fintech advancement, including blockchain, cloud computing, and AI Systems.

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