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Alchemy Platform proclaims Public Unveiling

August 12, 2020

Blockchain development platform Alchemy has proclaimed public introduction after a closed beta trial.

Alchemy is a platform that allows consumers to develop blockchain applications by providing the essential structure. The platform delivers development and infrastructure tools for many widespread blockchain solutions.

Blockchain development platform Alchemy

The San Francisco-based organization was founded three years ago and provides blockchain development gears to several advantages. The organization has driven many popular DeFi projects such as Maker and bancor and has been used to upkeep the expansion of Dapper Labs, Kyber Network, and 0x.

The platform claims to make “Ethereum development easy.” Previously, the platform was only available to teams close to the project’s developers. By launching it publicly, the firm provides every developer the tools and the platform they need to build blockchain solutions.

The purpose

Blockchain development platform Alchemy’s CEO Nikil Viswanathan detailed that the team’s “mission” is to make blockchain accessible to all developers and to bring “the magic of blockchain to the world.”

CTO Joe Lau indicated that the project aims to prepare developers with the right tools needed to develop results in the blockchain ecosystem. He stated that most developers want to build “skyscrapers,” but all they have are “shovels and hammers.” He continued the metaphor saying that Alchemy offers them the “cranes, trucks, and other tools” needed to accomplish their goals.

Alchemy claims to be sponsored by Stanford University, cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase among others.

The firm conducted a Series A round last year raising $15 million from a host of investors with Charles Schwab and rapper Jay Z.

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