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Apple Launches “Alternative Payment” Program

Apple now hires an expert that has Crypto Experience to be the head of its “Alternative Payment” program.

The world’s largest tech company, Apple, seeks to hire an expert with experience in digital currencies and wallets. It is stated in a recent job posting.

The tech giant plans to create a partnership with a framework and commercial models. It has strategic alternative payment partners, which includes cryptocurrency solutions.

Apple Hires a Crypto Expert

Together with the details of the job posting, the payment unit of the tech company “The Apple Wallets, Payments, and Commerce (WPC)” seeks to hire a Business Development Manager to lead the operations of their “Alternative Payments Partnerships” program.


Apple wants an ideal candidate to have more than 10 years of professional experience. And also 6 years in business or market development working for several companies in financial segments. The company also wanted the candidate to have more than five years of experience in the field of alternative payment providers in cryptocurrency, digital wallets, BNPL, and Fast Payments.

“We are looking for a proven professional in global alternative and emerging payment solutions. […] This position will be responsible for the end to end business development, including screening partners, negotiating and closing commercial agreements and launching new programs.”

Apple job ad

Benefits from the Crypto Space

Regardless of the job posting, Apple hasn’t publicly disclosed its stance with digital currencies. But a lot of people assume that the tech company can fit in the crypto world.

Last February, RBC Capital Market researchers noted that Apple has a “clear opportunity” to gain market share of the crypto industry if they could tackle and provide a better buying and selling mechanism for the digital currencies. The researchers stated that Apple can generate around $40 billion in revenue annually from running a crypto exchange.

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