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Bets are still placed! All towards Biden!

Last November 2, Polymarket had just surpassed $3M in trading volume for the presidential election market.

The previous day, that figure rose above $4M as eastern states began reporting voting results and the bystanders looking to get in on the action.

As of 7:00 PM EST, a Trump win sells for $0.33 on Polymarket, while a Biden success goes for $0.67. It was the largest lead for Biden ever since the market opened last October 9. Last evening, the split was $0.62 to $0.38 in favor of Biden.

It was also true for crypto exchange FTX’s TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE tokens. The contracts for a Trump win have dropped sharply to under $0.30.

Catnip reported a fifth-straight day of record volume for the exchange’s election market, posting $1.2M in today’s trading. The price for a Trump vote there is $0.36, a drop from yesterday’s $0.41.

It can be that crypto-based prediction markets are catching up to the national and battleground state polls, which favor Joe Biden.

However, it is not just crypto-based markets. Sportsbook odds for a Biden win has shortened today. It means that betting firms now find a Biden win more than they did a day ago.

With the results not to be expected to be known on Election Day, there is still plenty of time for the odds to shift, all the way to one side or the other.

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