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Bitcoin Rallies: Market Forecast Twitched In Favor Of Trump Over Biden

As the heat between the two principal opponents in the US presidential elections reaches towards the end, crypto forecast markets flicked to favor the still-President Donald Trump over the potential-President Joe Biden.

As these markets are presently showing, there is a 75% (36% several hours ago) possibility that Trump will win this race, related with 26% (62% several hours ago) in the case of Biden.



The Trump 2020 futures contract on crypto derivatives exchange FTX jumped to USD 0.75, while the Biden 2020 contract crashed to USD 0.26 (03:24 UTC).

Simultaneously, patiently looking at ‘YES Trump’ and ‘NO Trump’ tokens issued by Augur, we see that the YES one went up, while the NO one dropped.

At the time of this article, Biden secured 209 electoral votes out of necessary 270, while Trump has 118, according to Bloomberg data. Simultaneously, Reuters and some other sources claim that Biden has 192 votes, Trump – 114. In either case, results are coming in, and Biden hopes for an early win to be erased.

Meantime, bitcoin (BTC) is up by 3.6% in a day, trading at USD 13,858. The price once again briefly hit USD 14,000 several hours ago. Other significant coins from the top 10 clubs are up by 1%-6%.

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