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Big Apple Will Soon Have The World’s Largest NFT Museum

Non-Fungible Tokens otherwise known as ‘NFT’s have taken on many forms over the past couple of months.

NFT Museum has offered the possibility to showcase and trade digital artworks and masterpieces. From prominent personalities’ tweets to signature branded sneakers, the blockchain is unbounded. It is pretty far from achieving its boundary.

Financier Todd Morley has stated ideas to create the world’s largest NFT museum. It’s located inside the new 111 West 57th Street Skyscraper.

Developed by the JDS group and designed by SHoP architects. This is said to be the highest and leanest residential building in New York. The new penthouse will accommodate the prime tech trend of significance.

Aside from housing the NFT Museum, it will also function as a literal antenna ascending like one into the sky with its 1:24 ratio. This is to promote decentralized connection within diverse blockchain networks.

Tallest Antenna For Blockchain Technology

It’s the perfect place, as sort of a symbol of technology to announce new technology. . .” Morley informed a reporter in an interview with Bloomberg TV, 

“This one building will be able to connect, sort of like a ham radio operator, connect everyone in New York City to wireless trading, wireless crypto trading, wireless communication.”

Reaching 1,428 feet above the clouds, the 84-foot tower; it symbolically acts as the next phase into a digitized future.

It is obvious to admire why a physical museum to house digital assets even matters with this push. As Bloomberg journalist called this into question, Morley reasoned by drawing comparisons to a more classic institution: 

“Depends on what you mean by the museum, right? The Guggenheim Museum has had phenomenal success at becoming a real estate development tool; using culture to develop assets and convene people,” Morley noted. 

“But we are also very interested in global infrastructure—technology-driven infrastructure. So it gives us the ability to allow investment into those areas and sort of capture the culture of those areas. So it becomes a global ambassador. A digital ambassador, if you will; so why not centrally located in the tallest building in New York?”

Positioning will always be part of the key. Located a mere four blocks from MoMA, it has yet to be seen. If the blockchain institution will draw the regular museum-going crowd. This new architecture will continue to bring the NFT trend; to new heights both physically and symbolically.

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