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Bitcoin 2021: Could be labeled as ‘Super Spreader’ event

Bitcoin 2021 is where the occasion had no face mask or proof of vaccine requirements for its roughly 12,000 attendees.

Bitcoin 2021. Numerous cryptocurrency enthusiasts who went to Miami, Florida, last weekend for the most significant bitcoin conference in history now declare they’ve tested positive for covid-19.

Larry Cermak, research director at the cryptocurrency news outlet the Block, said on Twitter Thursday that while he hadn’t personally tested positive, “everyone” he hung out with in Miami during the three-day Bitcoin 2021 conference. Numerous alleged tweets circulating showed other attendees stating they had since tested positive for the virus.

“Looks like I’m joining the BTC Miami covid list,” stated cryptocurrency podcaster Luke Martin in a now-deleted tweet, according to a screenshot distributed by Cryptowhale, the pseudonym of a leading cryptocurrency financial analyst.

It hardly surprises the conference is beginning to look increasingly like a possible super spreader event given that:

  1. There was no mask policy or proof of vaccination necessary to attend.
  2. Some 12,000 people crowded into the convention center.
  3. Florida is one of five states that never performed a statewide face mask requirement during the pandemic and was among the first to throw covid-19 restrictions out the window.

Will it be a ‘Super Spreader’ event?

While part of the event was done in the open air, attendees still packed into auditoriums, private house parties, and other networking events with barely a mask in sight, Bloomberg announces.

Bitcoin 2021 organizer BTC Media announced in a statement to the outlet:

“Vaccines have been freely available for months in the US; to the extent that anyone who wanted to be vaccinated could do so by the time of the event.”  

“We provided all attendees with the current recommendations of the CDC and State of Florida and expressed to our audience; that those who were high risk or hadn’t been vaccinated should consider waiting until next year.”

BTC Media did not promptly reply to inquiries about what health precautions, if any, were in place last weekend.

The jury’s still out on how many may have been infected by the virus; if Bitcoin 2021 will conclusively be designated a super spreader event.

As of Tuesday, Florida now announces its tally of covid-19 cases and fatalities weekly instead of daily. The state pointed to rising vaccination rates to defend the move; adding that Florida “is transitioning into the next phase” of its pandemic reaction. Last week’s record has yet to be released. Nationwide, the current seven-day average of daily news cases is 14,349, a roughly 35% decrease than the week before, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports.

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