“Bitcoin is more of a religion than the solution to any problem” – American Millionaire

He emphasized that the abundance of the asset’s interest would have the opportunity of shifting to more meaningful regulatory standards by the governments, whose objective is to preserve their currencies and have the capacity to demand taxes.

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Mark Cuban, the American billionaire businessman, and investor affirmed his opinion about the cryptoasset, making it known that it is more of a collectible financial asset than a reliable one.

Despite the extraordinary rise in bitcoin’s price in 2020, the businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team said in a recent interview with Forbes that he had not changed his opinion that this financial tool will not be transformed into a reliable currency.

“My thoughts have not changed. It is a reserve of value like gold that is more religion than a solution to any problem,” said the businessman.

In the same way, he underlined it as “counterproductive” all the talk about bitcoin or any cryptocurrency being able to replace fiat currency. 

He also mentioned, “No matter how much bitcoin fans want to pretend it is a hedge against apocalyptic scenarios, it is not. Countries will take measures to protect their currencies and their ability to impose taxes, so the more people believe that this is something more than a store of value, the greater risk of government intervention they face”, considers the businessman.

“Bitcoin has seen its fair share of comparisons to gold over the years. Both are rare assets that are often touted as vehicles for storing value. The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) even classifies BTC as a commodity, just like gold,” the executive mentioned.

Once, Cuban said a comparison of bitcoins with other collectibles, mentioning, “A banana has greater utility, potassium is a valuable nutrient for all the people of the planet, but as long as people accept BTC as a digital version of gold, it can be reversed.”

In short, he claimed that commodities like bananas offered more benefits than Bitcoin, yet recognized it as an ‘invertible asset.’

The price of the cryptocurrency has been breaking records in recent days, generated by investors’ interest. This Thursday, it reached $ 23,000 for the first time. It has been calculated that from the previous September until present, the value of bitcoin has increased by up to 20%.

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