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Blockchain Voting, Rewards, and Transparency in Jeopardy?

TAIKAI has reported that it will utilize the Telos system to encourage a safe and auditable democratic component to assess and compensate partners in hackathon occasions.

The Hackathon management platform, TAIKAI, announced on June 29 that it will use the Telos network to provide a fully transparent and reproducible blockchain voting system and as a token reward mechanism. Telos is based on EOSIO technology, and TAIKAI previously used EOSIO for this function.

It was even displayed on the EOS blog earlier this month. The good side of Hacking TAIKAI depicts its foundation as an open advancement interpersonal organization, which encourages the uniting of corporate confronting difficulties, with a network of pioneers to help fathom them.

The hackathon position gives a financially savvy approach to organizations to draw in an abundance of exceptionally particular ability to concentrate on the current issue.

With such an emphasis on coordinating up difficulties and arrangements, finding the privilege blockchain organize on which to run the stage was critical. TAIKAI CEO Mário Ribeiro Alves stated:

“TAIKAI is a community-driven platform and we look for like-minded partners that can help us create a network effect. Fortunately, we’ve found TELOS, and we knew from the first meeting that we were completely aligned. I’m confident we’ll build a great future together as we connect companies with innovative teams to solve real-world challenges.”

Blockchain being involed Blockchain has been part of TAIKAI’s vision from the start.

Alves recognizes the value of “tokenization as a means of ensuring a transparent and revised selection process for hackathons and other innovation challenges”.

However, for normal users, it is important not to see the difference between using a platform with an activated blockchain and a non-blocking platform. Since its launch in March 2019, the company has brought in some of the largest companies and universities in its home country, Portugal, and is striving for global expansion.

In recent months, the Telos network has become increasingly important and has become a blockchain for the choice of the Transledger interoperability platform, the United_EBT program for food assistance in the United States, and the announcement of support for Ethereum smart contracts after the launch of the virtual Ethereum engine.

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