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Brave Browser Smashes 20 Million Users

Brave, a crypto-friendly privacy browser announced today that it had passed 20M monthly active users and 7M daily active users. That is a 2.3x increase from around this time last year when it has reported 8,7M monthly active users and 3M daily active users.

It is a Chromium-based browser with crypto baked in. Rather than lining Google’s pockets, Brave pays the user in BAT, its ERC-20 based token, when web advertisements are watched.

Brave browser pitches itself as a subversion of “surveillance capitalism,” which denotes to the sale of personal data to third-party brokers. As an alternative to being a slave to Google, a user has a kind of freedom-fighting mercenary.

Although Brave has disappointed its users multiple times on the long road to monetization, it is redirected the search for crypto exchanges to affiliate links and at some point, set up donation funds for influencers without letting them know.

Politics and corporate arguments aside, Brave’s notion is catching on, and the company beats its high score almost every month. It claimed that the average click-through rate for a Brave Ads campaign is 9%, far above the industry average of 2%, and the users were watching over 2B ads per month.

On the other hand, Brave is still small and does not register on some major charts of global browser market shares. Chrome, by contrast, had 66.12% of the browser share.

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