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China increased in Hiring Blockchain Experts – Starting Monthly Salary of US $2,800

Blockchain technology-related payrolls are increasing to almost 2.5 times the nationwide standard for workers in main cities in China – as the need for developers and professionals skyrockets in the country.

Per Chainnews, “hundreds of companies across the country are hiring blockchain staff, with monthly salaries starting at 20,000 yuan (around US$2,875).”

The average monthly pay in 37 of the nation’s largest cities was USD 1,230 last year, per Chinese hiring platform Zhaopin data, as stated by

Nevertheless, big-paying businesses are dishing out larger salaries for blockchain researchers and developers. The industry’s wealthiest stakeholders are willing to pay specialists with 3 to 5 years’ background experience of blockchain-related work US$7,000 a month.

The blockchain market is swiftly growing in China, with tech giants like Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent all establishing their arsenals of blockchain experts as they roll out a slew of capitalized blockchain offerings.

The need is increasing with startups, government offices, and other tech firms also joining the challenge, and hunting for specialist talent.

Alibaba’s Ant Group has earlier announced about securing “20 years of blockchain talent” by hiring the crème of the graduates from China’s top tech universities and international institutions like MIT.

Chainnews additionally mentioned that some of the biggest-paying blockchain challengers in the nation are the biggest crypto players, including the OK Group (operators of the OKEx exchange) and Huobi.

Concurrently with Binance, these two firms have launched wide-scale blockchain education programs in the People’s Republic, building up their exposure in the country again after the crypto crackdown of 2017.

The news media also affirmed that government order had executed a role – making the business legal by continuing another blockchain-related post on the nation’s formal list of jobs during the early part of this year.

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