Crypto 101

CRYPTO 101: How to Store your Cryptocurrency?

You have finally bought your cryptocurrency; now, where will you keep it?

You’re excited about the amount of cryptocurrency you have right now, but you are not ready to buy or sell them yet. What do you have to do? You can store your cryptocurrency in a wallet.

What is a crypto wallet?

It is a digital wallet that allows you to keep different cryptocurrencies. Using this wallet, you can send and receive cryptocurrencies with the help of public and private keys.

Public and private keys

If you are to receive a payment, a user can use an address known as the public key. To send someone a payment, a private key should be used. It is important to never lose the private key details because people can have access to the bitcoins.

How to safeguard a crypto wallet?

Hot Storage: It refers to a wallet stored on a device connected to the internet. Examples are Mobile and desktop wallet apps.

Cold Storage: It refers to offline apps, and it is best suited to those who look for long-term storage of cryptocurrency.

Things to consider when deciding on a cryptocurrency wallet

You need to find out the cost – many apps are free, so you need to look for a wallet that best suits your price and ensure that the security is good. Like the physical wallet, no notes or coins are needed to go missing. Mobility is a factor that needs to be considered. The ideal digital wallet is easy to access anytime and wherever you might be.

A digital wallet needs to be well-designed and rate high on the user-friendly scale.

A good cryptocurrency will go a long way if a wallet with the mentioned traits should be chosen.

Now that you have selected the digital wallet that suits you well, you are now ready to start trading with cryptocurrency.

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