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Crypto ATMs climbed to 8600+ Worldwide

As of this writing, Coin ATM Radar’s site states that there are 8,684 Crypto ATMs located in 72 countries.

More than 6,500 machines are located in the United States with Canada running second with 788 ATMs in different locations in the country.

The number of crypto ATMs has increased by at least almost 20% since March of this year, which may show a growing acceptance for cryptos in the society.

In 2020, the essential growth in cryptocurrency ATMs was observed in the United States, while the number of such devices in Switzerland, Austria, and the UK decreased.

Crypto users can buy and sell bitcoins, as well as various cryptocurrencies depending on the availability in their location.

You may head to Coin ATM Radar’s site to check on Crypto ATM locations around the world.

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