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Crypto guide website suddenly vanished!

Just a day after the news of the Argentinean government’s publication of a somewhat unexpected guide to buying, trading and storing bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH) and other significant altcoins; it seems that Buenos Aires has had second thoughts – and has dragged its guide from the net.

Although the URL for the guide – named “What are Cryptocurrencies?” is still alive, following the link no longer takes you to a page that once suggested that crypto was a way to “save money,” and put forward “” as a platform for securing BTC and altcoin purchases.

Alternatively, the page is listed as having a 500 error – HTTP code for when a server detects that something is not working but cannot define the specific type of the problem.

Instead of the top Argentinean Ministry of Justice and Human Rights-compiled advice about wallet safety and avoiding bogus-looking crypto trading apps, all that is left is this communication:

“This page or site is not available. Please check the address or try again later.”

Bitcoin and altcoin trading in Argentina has skyrocketed this year, with numerous citizens looking to safeguard their savings and assets from spiraling fiat inflation.

Still, the government has not shown anti-crypto thus far. It has not yet received any steps to close down peer-to-peer trading or toughen its control of crypto exchanges – instead of imposing a 15% tax rate on crypto trades.

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