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Iranians must Invest in Bitcoin Rather than Oil; Cameron Winklevoss

August 14, 2020

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani advised the public to invest in shares in a new oil scheme. While Cameron Winklevoss, a Gemini co-founder, suggested Iranians put their money in bitcoin instead.

Gemini co-founder and long-time bitcoin enthusiast Cameron Winklevoss recommended Iranians buy BTC after the country’s government advised its citizens to finance in oil.

According to a report on August 12, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani endorsed during an on-screen cabinet meeting that citizens should put their money into oil shares rather than US dollars or gold.

Following the report, Iran plans to permit members of the public to invest in oil on its capital markets for the first time, as the government pursues ways to toughen its economy amidst ongoing US sanctions and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rouhani told his cabinet,

“The stock market and oil — not gold and the dollar — are the places to be investing and we want to help people this way.”

Bitcoin magnate Cameron Winklevoss took to Twitter later in the day to suggest an alternative for the Iranian community. Rather than financing in oil shares, whose prices have been pummeled and sluggish to recuperate throughout the year, Winklevoss encouraged the public to look to bitcoin.

Source: Cameron Winklevoss/Twitter
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