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CryptoMining: NVIDIA Boosting GTX 1650 Production

GPUs are currently being snapped up like crazy by cryptocurrency miners purchasing the latest, high-end GPUs to help in their mining operations.

As a result, gamers and regular users find it increasingly difficult to get their hands on a new GPU, but NVIDIA may have a solution.

As claimed by a report out of China from Channel Gate, word on the street has it that NVIDIA could be looking to bring back an oldie (but goodie) in the form of the GTX 1650. The report claims that NVIDIA has started to crank up the GPU production, which is designed to serve as an alternative for gamers who need a GPU and don’t necessarily need to have the latest technology.

Does this movie sound familiar? If it does, it is because this is something that NVIDIA has done in the past, just earlier this year in fact where the company decided to bring back the GTX 1050 Ti which stopped being sold two years ago. The company is also looking to produce more RTX 2060 models for GPUs based on the Ampere architecture.

In addition to bringing back older models, NVIDIA is also taking steps to ensure that their newer GPUs aren’t abused by cryptocurrency miners, such as by limiting certain GPU features that would make it less desirable for miners.

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