Is there a Bitcoin ATM installed inside the Tesla Mothership?

Elon Musk has stated reports that his Tesla Gigafactory 1 plant in the desert outside Sparks, Nevada, is fitted with a bitcoin (BTC) ATM may be “inaccurate,” while other claims show that this story might be somewhat more complicated.

Musk tweeted in response to a tweet (now deleted) that claimed otherwise from the Teslarati Twitter account.

Despite that, this is no shortage of other claims. Google Maps now features an icon showing a LibertyX Bitcoin ATM at the Gigafactory – on Electric Avenue in Nevada.

In the meantime, the LibertyX website shows that a device named “Tesla Reno” is operational at an address of “1 Electric Ave, Carson City, NV 89434” – with 8% listed fees. Two other devices – one named Tesla Osaka and the other named Tesla Fremont are listed at the same address.

A media outlet Finbold reported that LibertyX confirmed that it has three ATMs in the Gigafactory and that the one in question was installed in August. However, the firm stated that the latter was only accessible to Tesla employees.

The 180,000 sqm plant has only recently completed construction, and bitcoin reward point operator Fold’s Will Reeves appeared to claim a sighting of the device when he “just passed by” the Gigafactory.

LibertyX claimed that it had “not installed a new kiosk,” but had installed “bitcoin-selling” functionality “via software to the three already-installed ATMs in the Gigafactory.

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