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J.B. Exceeded BTC’s Market Cap

Let’s talk about wealth here…but of only one person!

For the record, business channel Bloomberg has released news that the top head of the online shopping giant, Amazon, has reached record-breaking assets net worth.

In simpler terms, his total wealth levels are esteemed to exceed all reported capital currently invested in Bitcoin (BTC, the largest cryptocurrency.

With the offshoot of Amazon stock shares to 4.4% to $2,878.70, Bezos’s money has bolted to $171.6 billion. This surpassed his previous record of $167.6 billion last 2018, which first became a worldwide topic in the news from Bloomberg Billionaire Index (BBI).

If one would compare, BTC has a market ceiling of $166.4 billion.

However, while this record of Bezos’ net worth has skyrocketed, some say that Bitcoin is a relatively small market to compare with. In fact, the gold’s total market cap is around $8 trillion based on recent reports.

Experts say that while he may have exceeded BTC’s current data, but he may only but only the available bitcoin’s exchange order books.

From a recent interview of Philip Salter, the head of mining operation of Genesis Genesis Mining, he speculated this notion and say that it would still likely drive up the asset’s value and delete liquidity from the market.

Other thought-leaders like Tone Vays also agreed and Bezos could only surge the price of Bitcoin to the level that he could no longer buy it.

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