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Ja Rule, Lil B, Wield Blockchain for Music

With the current pandemic going out of hand for some countries, how can blockchain technology help?

The solution came to life as the hybrid ledger platform Kadena LLC launched distributed app that would allow users to trace COVid 19 results.

This lessens the face-to-face release of results as well as communicating an up-to-date release of data inside one server website.

How does this work?

QR codes play an important role. These codes are included in the test forms. Every accomplished file has a unique key that is directly sent to coding using blockchain technology which seals the process and make it secure for any misinformation.

The data sent by the healthcare personnel will be directly stored in one universally stable and safe storage available in the cyber space. The results can be accessed by the owner of the form using his/her mobile phones.

The advanced cryptographic keys also record specific details such as the time of extraction and the historical proof which cannot be changed once submitted.

The manufacturer also assures that swapping of real and fake tests can be mitigated with the security enforced in data processing.

Kadena has also assured that features, processes, and systems present in the app were compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

CEO Will Martino, who was an executive from JP Morgan blockchain, said that analysis of data can aide with academic and government sector in further studies to combat Coronavirus.

With the increasing numbers of worldwide infections, tolling up to 9 million cases, Kadena other industry and private technology companies have joined in maximizing their technology to help in the pandemic. ConsenSys Health, a spinoff of blockchain solutions released ConsenSys, implemented a hackathon last April only whereas, IBM Rapid Supplier Connect made one that oversees and connects medical suppliers to lessen supply shortage and connects with a network of suppliers worldwide.

Cryptocurrency is coming to the music scene.

Apt to the title of his song in 2001, ‘I’m Real’, Billboard 100 artist and rapper Ja Rule turns another cryptodream to reality. He joins the newest set of artists to use blockchain technology.

Leveraging using an Ethereum-based protocol, it provides content creators to control their own platform, which they dubbed as “from birth to death access” using the crypto money,

Expounding on this, this gives recording artists or any player in the industry to personal work like music or writing, giving artists a payback of their version of currency in return, thus, letting them set the monetization rules.

As to the side of the fans, purchasing artist’s social money on Roll endows them an engagement interact with an artistic fellow, in a more interactive way, this is according to Rolls CEO Brad Miley.

He also added that this social money is a testament to the analogy that while there is social network online, there must be social money to get rounds as well. With this, the user can get a more intimate and personalized definition of belongingness or affiliation with the artist.

Establish in 2019, Roll pioneered into private beta recently with a funding of $1.7M. BitMex CEO Arthur Hayes and Techstars Ventures, Hustle Fund, and Gary Vaynerchuk. This is a platform that provides API infrastructure as a content gateway using some concepts on the ERC-20 token standard.

Earlier, we have seen some Ethereum fans stunned a new song produced by Roll and featuring Bay Area rapper Lil B.

Called Social Money, the song also mentions some cryptocurrency-related information or terms. Check these lyrics:,

Yeah I’m on a Roll, gettin’ that social money, Ethereum…”

“Shout out $ALEX stackin’,

Shout out $HUE holdin’, attention is my currency…”

“We’re on a Roll, Uniswap, watch that…”

This reference is from Alex Masmej and Connie Digital who have given out some personal tokens using Rol.

Those tokens are currently present on distributed exchange (DEX) Uniswap. If you will go by definition, $ALEX and $HUE act are personal securities, showing investors the ability of the tokenized person’s actions.

This Roll partnership will slowly be starting to launch and be fully integrated in the Paymaya existing provider as well as linkage to some 160 content creators, journalists, experts, to name a few.

Yes, the crypto money gets to penetrate already in the lifestyle scene.

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