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Man Stabbed Nine Times over Bitcoin

The latest Bitcoin crime reported on Tuesday has informed a 54-year-old Sydney man Warren Shane Collins who reportedly stabbed his brother nine times after he assumed that he stole his cryptocurrency. On the other hand, Warren is reported to be mentally ill, but that hasn’t stopped the court from sentencing him to a maximum of seven years imprisonment.

As reported today, Warren had admitted to the crime of aiming to cause serious bodily harm, and he has been sentenced today by Judge Chris Craigie at the NSW District Court. Judge Craigie was then convincing that Sydney’s man was ruddily unstable mentally when he has committed the act. Aside from the imprisonment, Warren will be on parole for about three and a half years.

An unstable man commits a Bitcoin crime

The Bitcoin crime had started when Ben Collins decided to visit his adopted brother, Warren, in the last two years. The report says that Collins has downloaded YouTube videos on Warren’s phone, which had got him suspecting that Collins was trying to steal his cryptocurrencies from his cellphone, specifically Bitcoin (BTC). For a week, the brothers had argued about the phone issue, which has caused Warren to book the next available flight for his brother to go back.

The next day, the mentally-ill Warren had stabbed his brother multiple times while he was still sleeping. When Collins had asked Warren why he was stabbed, Warren replied, “I’m stabbing you, I’m going to kill you… because you stole all my Bitcoin.” Though Collins had answered that he (Warren) was killing him for nothing, it means that he may not have stolen any Bitcoin.

Although Collins had managed to call the emergency service, Warren had also stabbed himself and then drank hydrochloric acid before collapsing. Even though none of them died, the Bitcoin crime report has noted that the brothers have seriously faced life-threatening injuries that need several surgeries.

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