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MintGox Gamers will be Paid in Crypto

As the coronavirus pandemic began spreading widely earlier this year, many live conferences and events have been canceled. Some of the companies in the crypto video game space have planned to use the events to showcase their games and competitive potential by pivoting in the wake of cancelations.

Because of that, MintGox was born. Desiree Dickerson, the VP of Business Operations at Lightning Labs, says that the event came to life when she connected a call with Simon Cowell, co-founder and CEO of ZEBEDEE, one of the companies that planned to showcase its gaming tech at events early this year.

They then included Christian Moss and Andre Neves from ZEBEDEE together with Jack Everitt of THNDR.GAMES, and begin planning many MintGox events. The monthly event is streamed online from the MintGox Website; it has a dashboard that points the visitors to the esports tournaments for different crypto games and other interactive activities.

MintGox events have featured games like Bitcoin Bounty Hunt, ZEBEDEE’s Mario Kart-like Bitcoin Rally, License, and Bitcoin Bounce.

“Viewers can pay satoshis to drop power-ups directly in the game, helping players they support or boosting the bounty on players they want to see fall,” Dickerson stated “MintGox is remarkable in that we’re tearing down the fourth wall between viewers and players. Now, these groups can directly interact, which isn’t done anywhere else.”

Every main event has featured a prize pool of 5M satoshis, or 0.05 BTC (around $960), but additional prizes like socks from Mt. Socks and Bitcoin-centric card game SHAmory.

MintGox #009 will take place this weekend, November 29, while MintGox #10 will be on December 27, planned as a “flagship event,” Dickerson said. She noted that the year-ending event will have a “much bigger prize pool” and other surprises and that they are on the hunt for more partners and sponsors that help bring MintGox #010 to life.

They previously integrated sponsors for in-game activations in events, including a Bitrefill-branded station in Bitcoin Rally. Dickerson stated that participation and engagement had grown notably since the first events early this year.

The first MintGox event had around 100 players and viewers and 1,000 Lightning transactions in the event; the latest brought in more than 4,400 players and viewers and over 15,000 Lightning transactions.

“We are also witnessing ongoing involvement between events, with a lot of popular players competing between events and becoming Bitcoin gaming ‘influencers,” she enlightened. “Not only are we seeing an incredible amount of engagement and demand, but there is a very strong community forming around MintGox and the games that we feature.”

MintGox has been planned originally as a short-term project to fill the pandemic void. Still, it has grown into something that the organizers plan to keep supporting until 2021 to drive awareness of Bitcoin gaming.

“MintGox is very much a community experiment and we are letting it evolve with demand. In 2021, we plan on hosting more frequent events, qualifiers for the main monthly events, and developing ways for people to play in between events,” Dickerson continued. “The next year should also be filled with new games and bigger prize pools! We are also looking forward to collaborating with influencers and streamers that can help create exposure for these games outside of the Bitcoin community.”

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