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NVIDIA 30 Series – Is it intended for Gamers or Crypto-Miners?

Early this week, Zotac, a technology hardware manufacturer, disturbed a user base of dedicated gamers after the firm shared a tweet promoting its brand new Nvidia 30 series Graphics Cards to crypto miners.

The post shared by Zotac unveiled a stack of GeForce RTX 3070 White Edition GPUs. Furthermore, the company even captioned the tweet:

An army of ZOTAC Gaming GPUs hungry for the coin!” 

All About Nvidia’s 30 Series Graphics Card

Jumping ahead in the new year, the availability of Nvidia’s 30 series graphics cards jumped, while the cost of it surged. ETH miners were able to make $12,000 per month by late December by connecting a total of 78 Nvidia RTX 3080 GPUs.

Since December, the potential income from mining coins has been doubled, after the price value of ETH surged up 140% in the interceding period. Nevertheless, not every supporter of the hardware firm was happy with the attempt to court crypto miners. A user replied:

Too bad those aren’t in the hands of all the gamers and PC enthusiasts as well…Especially the white limited edition that miners don’t care about.”

Another user, MWausE, tweeted in persuasion to Nvidia to stop supplying their GPUs to Zotac if they do not intend to sell them to the gamers. 

What’s in it for Games and Crypto Miners

Among a completely renewed bull run in the cryptocurrency, the price of Nvidia’s 30 series graphics cards has been doubled since their release. In September, the price was $699, and since then, it has surged to almost $1300 at the time of writing this article.

The ETH miners in China have fractured even the portable computers that do consist of the 30 series GPU. They have built mining farms that are made from stacks of laptops that are internally connected.

Nonetheless, Colette Kress, the CFO of Nvidia, assured the gamers that they are still going to be the firm’s priority and even claimed that the shortage resulted from an increase in demand from gamers globally.

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