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Pringles Golden Flavored Limited Edition NFT – Grab One Now!

Pringles has joined the non-fungible token (NFT) bandwagon that has gained popularity among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The chip company launched its “limited-edition virtual flavor,” CryptoCrisp, in social media posts it shared on Wednesday.

“Introducing our newest Pringles flavor: CryptoCrisp, an exclusive #NFT flavor created by artist #VasyaKolotusha,” Pringles tweeted out alongside a 6-second video clip of a spinning CryptoCrisp can.

“Only 50 exist, all starting at the price of a Pringles can. Click the link to get your *digital hands* on one!”

The gilded artwork was listed on, a digital marketplace where creators sell “collectibles secured with blockchain.”

“The art depicts the ‘CryptoCrisp Flavored Pringles’ can, and is an original, one-of-a-kind design by the artist Vasya Kolotusha. The series has 50 limited edition versions of the packaging design on an NFT marketplace, making this ‘flavor’ which only exists online available for purchase,” a media representative for Pringles told Fox News over email. “All proceeds from sales of this limited edition go directly to the artist, and is available exclusively as an NFT for auction on their Rarible marketplace.”

Not being able to eat the CryptoCrisp hasn’t been an issue for some Pringles fans. The company ultimately sold out of its limited digital inventory.

As claimed by the company’s spokesperson, the artwork’s starting price was initially set at $2; the average cost for a Pringles can go in-store.

Despite that, bids on Rarible have gone up to $539.74 as of Thursday evening.

While some fans saw the value in Pringles CryptoCrisp, others expressed their confusion on social media.

“This is as valuable as a chuck e cheese token, and yet it’s somehow more harmful to the environment,” one Twitter user wrote under Pringles’ thread.

Non-fungible tokens are data that uses Ethereum (ETH) blockchain technology to represent digital files, including visual art, audio, and other forms of creative artwork.

Another user tweeted they weren’t sure why anyone would pay for the non-fungible token (NFT) artwork when people can easily save images to their computers and mobile devices.

As claimed by The Verge, NFTs are a part of a cryptocurrency blockchain known as Ethereum (ETH). The technology news outlet compared buyers of this niche digital artwork to fine art collectors.

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