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Slovenia Has Rising Crypto Transactions with Over 1K Locations

Hitting now to a total of a thousand locations, the cryptocurrency adoption in Slovenia is seen to get a rapid increase.

In an announcement of GoCrypto, a payment gateway, the rampant usage of the currency like in cafes, restaurants, taxis, salons, hotels, among others, can be linked to reaching the figures.

To name some of the big retailers joining the digital currency, here areTuš supermarkets, Slovenia’s biggest electronic seller Big Bang, Atlantis Water Park, and Burger King Slovenia.

The platform also highlighted that when getting around your daily life, you can use your crypto wallet.

How does the system work? The Gocrypto system is broken down into one or more point-of-sale (POS) terminals linked to the Gocrypto payment network.

These can be utilized to get bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, the euro token, and Gocrypto’s native token GOC to repay for goods and services.

In return, merchants receive payments in their local currency. As of press time, Gocrypto is compatible with the Elly wallet app.

Looking at its current facts, Gocrypto exists in 15 countries, and more than 150,000 products can be bought using its system.

Some of the countries experiencing the platform are Colombia, Argentina, Austria, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Japan, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the U.K. In some countries, the system is functioned by Gocrypto’s partner Xpay.

On can remember that the first version of Gocrypto, Alipay, was tested at BTC City Ljubljana, one of Europe’s biggest shopping centers, approximately recording 21 million visitors a year.

Merchants accepting cryptocurrencies can also be lurking around the website, such as and Green Pages. Also, map.Bitcoin. is included in 500 merchants accepting bitcoin cash in Slovenia.

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