Crypto 101

The Golden Rules for Successful Trading

Crypto trading is not about being lucky for a few times. If a user wants to find success with the trading of cryptocurrencies, it must be based on the good results of fundamentals, good habits, and experience.

With this regard, making money as a crypto trader further requires some discipline, and it means following several trading rules.

  1. Invest only what you are ready to Lose

Whenever a trade is happening, there is no 100% assurance that the money will be acquired back. The losses didn’t just come from other investors’ better approaches, but it can also be caused by different strange factors, like hacks, bugs, or even government regulations.

That is why, before every investment, it is wise to take a step back and then re-evaluate the current financial status. If the numbers show that it can’t be afforded, then one has to make a wise decision not to use a credit card, take out a mortgage, or even apply for loans. They only have to wait for the moment when the financial situation allows a consumer to invest.

2. Diversify the Investments

One golden rule that all pro investors know is that one should never put all their eggs into one basket when investing.

Even though there is a great potential to gather a more substantial amount of money when investing in a single coin, the harm of losing more money is also displayed, if not bigger. So the right thing to do to avoid losing a considerable amount of money is diversifying the investments and investing in other currencies.

3. Choosing a Dependable Broker

In choosing the best crypto trading Forex broker is a battle half won. Hundreds of online brokers offer crypto and Forex trading options. By no means, however, should one choose the first broker to find online.

The best broker should be dependable and honest. Further, keeping in mind that the money will be at stake is why it would be best to know that the broker should be trusted.

To be successful, the best way to find a reliable broker is to do research. It is best to look online and then find everything about the broker; this includes reviews and recommendations from other experienced traders. If something seems suspicious, it is best not to choose that broker to avoid a terrible trading experience, making one lose a lot of money.

4. Evade FOMO As Long as Possible

FOMO is the feeble advertisement in capitalizing that makes the investors lose money regularly. It only has a bit of media publicity, a few opinions from investment “experts,” and a little bit of insecurity to make you make a wrong decision. The same recipe made the Bitcoin prices increase from $10,000 to $20,000 in December of 2018. Now, the investors may look back and think that if they had waited one more month, they could have accepted the cryptocurrency at $9,000 as an alternative of coming up until the coin hit $20,000 again.

5. Don’t Invest Thoughtlessly.

Investing thoughtlessly means going with the trends or listening to other people from the cryptocurrency world when it comes to your investments. Now, different traders may sincerely want to help and give a pro tip that works. However, most of them frequently share their “opinions” to abuse less-informed investors. They might advise buying a particular coin only so that they can exit safely. So, only use the knowledge and knowledge when one makes investment decisions.

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