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Web Creator wants to Decentralize the Internet

Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web and CTO of Inrupt, believes that he has come up with a way to decentralize the web.

But it didn’t have anything to do with a blockchain, Berners-Lee and CEO John Bruce explained in a Web Summit recently.

Last month, Inrupt announced that Solid granted access to companies and organizations at will, instead of letting social media and advertising companies acquire their data and sell it for hefty profits.

Berners-Lee and Bruce claim that this decentralizes the internet for it gives power back to the people who own and harvest the data.

“So the default is that it is yours,” remarked Berners-Lee at yesterday’s summit. “You can share it with insurance companies if you want if that’s part of the deal, but you’re in control.”

Its benefit is that businesses and organizations can focus on servicing the customers, Bruce stated, “Most organizations don’t want your data but they’d like to have access to it.”

For instance, a healthcare organization like Britain’s National Health Service can focus on ensuring the British public remains fit and healthy.

“And that’s a very, very different world to live in, where we don’t have to surrender our data for organizations to service us. But we can grant them access to it, we can trust them to work for us,” noted Bruce.

Berners-Lee elaborated: “Blockchain and Solid are different,” he started. “Blockchain is a system where if everybody stores the same data; everyone has a copy of the blockchain.” That’s useful for when you want to, for example, “have a single ledger of everybody’s IDs or what is spent in the bank,” he said.

Talking about Solid, he said, “Everyone stores different data. You’re not all tugging at the same level.” Nor, he said, are you “paying to keep the same system going.”

Every organization or individual on Solid has a pod.” These pods represent silos of data that talk to other pods. That is why; someone’s pod can grant the NHS access to the pod that is storing their health data.

“It’s a bit like blockchain,” confessed Berners-Lee.

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