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Who’s Paul Le Roux?

A person who has been sentenced to spend up to 25 years in jail by the Manhattan started in making some noise.

He is Paul Le Roux, who has been rumored to become the possible Satoshi Nakamoto, the pen name for a Bitcoin creator.

He has eight years stay from crime starting from methamphetamine trafficking to selling weapons technology to Iran,”

But what’s crazy and creepy is that his letter to the judge mentions that once he gets out of the sentence of the court, he will start a business selling and buying bitcoin miners.

Revealing more plans, he said that he has a custom design for an ASIC chip that makes use of special optimizations within the underlying code or algorithm referred to as (‘SHA’).

Le Roux continued that these optimizations have allowed me to make an ASIC chip design, and thus ASIC miners, that have an order of magnitude faster at bitcoin mining than any

A geek with no formal education, he became adept in studying programming and electronic microcircuit design (chip design), His connivance with a programmer in London back in the 2000s has helped create tools and disk encryption products to assist the police and field agents to secure their files and computers. It is known as the Encryption for the Masses (E4M).

Other facts coined to his name was about technical brilliance and almost surreal levels of criminality,”

Upon his release, he’s expected to be deported to the Philippines, where he faces charges associated with an arms shipment intercepted by the government in 2009.

What do you think of this guy? Could he be a candidate to Nakamoto?

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