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Harness the power of Lightning: Latest Blockstream Protocol Released

Last week, Blockstream deployed c-lightning 0.9.0, the most advanced version of one of the popular Lightning Network protocol achievements.

The announcement was titled “Rat poison squared on steroids” (a reference to Warren Buffett’s commentary on bitcoin, which he described “rat poison squared”).

With the latest release, the developers have achieved blending the multi-part payments (MPP) feature. Seldom comparatively substantial sums on the network do not complete its processing since they expect a considerable volume of liquidity on all channels connecting the sender node and the recipient node.

If there is not sufficient liquidity for the payment, it will not go through. MPP breaks payments into smaller parts to secure them easier to send over the network.

C-lightning may have been collecting MPP since last year, “but Blockstream developer Christian Decker finally found the time to implement this feature on the sender side,” company developer Rusty Russell said in a commentary.

Not to mention, the latest release of c-lightning makes it more manageable to connect watchtower to c-lightning. Watchtower is a Lightning element that aims to combat online fraud.

The tower “watches” the users’ bitcoins on the Lightning Network. If somebody tries to trick the participants in the network, the watchtower will flag this and fine the fraudster.

C-lightning 0.9.0 laid the cornerstone for a tool that tracks all movements of a user’s coins. Assistance for this functionality has been added in this release, but it will become accessible to users a bit later than expected

As claimed by Russell, the developers are now setting the final finishes on the plugin, which “will record whatever your tax office wants to know about where the money came from and where.”

Russell also recommended that the development team has substantially revamped support for the PSBT format, streamlining transactions from hardware wallets.

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