Japanese Gamers will receive Salaries in XRP

Securities giant from Japan and Ripple partner SBI has recruited four more professional gamers to the SBI eSports roster, with three teams agreeing to receive their salaries in XRP.

An official release says that the latest batch of recruits is a four-member Apex Legends team, it is a free-to-play battle royale-style game developed by American Gaming Company, EA.

And four recruits have signed deals that will make them compensated for their turnouts for the SBI eSports in XRP, instead of the fiat yen.

Earlier this year, SBI eSports has been launched, and it appears to be a part of a broader strategy that drives up interest in crypto with the younger Japanese People. SBI also announced its intention to pay the players in crypto if possible.

SBI’s crypto exchange is the main sponsor of the eSports franchise, SBI VC Trade, and the players will wear SBI VC Trade insignia during league and cup matches.

The four recruits were HaRu, P1NKI, Wasuo, and Leila; the last claimed to be a “long-term crypto owner” who is “happy to be involved” with a team that pays the players in tokens instead of Yen.

SBI eSports declared that “The annual salary for the four players will be paid in XRP in accordance with the wishes of each individual and the terms of our sponsorship contract with SBI VC Trade.”

They also unveiled Super Smash Bros and FIF teams and also announced that all members of both the units would be accepting their salaries in XRP.

Yoshitaka Kitao, SBI’s CEO, is a supporter of the Ripple board.

As of now, XRP trades at USD 0.257 and is up by almost 5% in a day. Its price is also up by 3.4% in a month, cutting its losses in the past 12 months to lower than 12%.

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