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Market Intelligence Tool from Chainalysis: Now Available for Asset Managers and Regulators

Blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis released Market Intel, a new website provided to asset managers and regulators for access to live crypto data and insights. Chainalysis’ Market Intel will influence the firm’s exclusive data, which has been managing and connecting to real-world substances since 2014.

Regulators and compliance professionals are at present handling Chainalysis on-chain data, which provides data concerning activities recorded on the blockchain, which supports these people to detect and examine illegal activities. Chainalysis is studying to bridge the gap for conventional institutional investors, as the firm understands that cryptocurrencies are confident to mature a common asset class.

In a press release shared with Blockchain.News, Chainalysis Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jonathan Levin said:

“Market Intel is the next step in realizing this vision. By Providing metrics and context for cryptocurrency activity, we’re empowering asset managers and regulators to leverage the transparency of blockchains to make data-driven decisions about why and how to invest in cryptocurrencies and ensure the markets function safely and efficiently.”

As claimed by the Head of Fidelity Digital Assets Europe, Chris Tyrer, the company found that one of the major concerns of institutional investors have of investing in crypto is the “lack of data to provide insight into the health and growth of digital assets and networks.”

By contributing data and insight into cryptocurrency exchanges, Philip Gradwell, Chainalysis Chief Economist believes “cryptocurrency is poised to enhance a mainstream asset class.

Chainalysis Market Intel highlights the most important daily changes, as well as information including daily on-chain metrics on trading, demand, supply, generation, and the risk of cryptocurrencies.

Chainalysis obtains $49 million Series B round

Chainalysis stated that it has obtained an additional $13 million in a strategic investment from Ribbit Capital and Sound Ventures for its Series B investment round, considering its total to $49 million.

Chainalysis has earlier secured $36 million from Accel, Benchmark, MUFG, and Sozo Ventures last year. The blockchain analysis firm aims to considerably increase its involvement with government firms and the public and private areas to fuel the crypto industry’s growth.

Between the enhancement of software engineers, government sales, and business roles, Sigal Mandelker, General Partner at Ribbit Capital, and former Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence at the US Department of Treasury will also connect Chainalysis as an advisor.

As the government and law implementation sectors are still becoming satisfied with trading with cryptocurrencies, Chainalysis expects to empower commercial organizations to enter the crypto ecosystem securely and responsibly. JPMorgan lately selected to allow cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Gemini as banking clients, and will further offer cash-management services to the exchanges, as well as trading with dollar-based activities for their US-based clients.

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