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YentenCoin – The Greatest CPU Coin or Probably Not Yet At Least

YentenCoin (YTN) is an exciting project that we have stumbled upon when looking around for CPU-only crypto coins and we were pleasingly amazed by it – an excellent presentation, ongoing development, large number of pools and listed on numerous smaller crypto exchanges.

It all seems high until you look at the trading volume – almost one, yet there seems to be a few hundred people mining the coin.

The project defines itself as “the best CPU coin” that can be mined with everyone that has a computer (CPU crypto coin) and that could’ve been true if it had more extensive user base and more trading and usage going on as the rest seems quite OK already. So we wanted to give our readers an idea of the project, so maybe it could get some more attention than it deserves.

YTH uses the YespowerR16 mining algorithm, suggesting it is intended to be mined with processors only, no GPU mining here, sorry. An excellent choice of a mining software would be cpuminer-opt or SRBMiner-MULTI, though there are other options available as well.

The YespowerR16 algorithm is Intel friendly, meaning that AMD Ryzen CPU owners might want to go for RandomX-based projects to maximize their processor’s potential instead. YentenCoin (YTN) even has its own simple GUI miner that might not be the best performing ones, but sure seems easy enough for everyone to use.

The largest mining pool for YTN currently is CPU Pool that has some other small CPU-only crypto projects available for mining. You can also try Yenten Pool, and the coin is also available on the Zergpool and Zpool where it can be auto exchanged to BTC if you do not wish to mine YTN coins directly.

As for exchanges, a good starting point would be Graviex and Crex24, though as we have already mentioned, there is currently not much trading going on for YentenCoin.

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