Blockchain, COVID-19

Blockchain used by Singapore to Manage Medical and COVID-19 Records

While the Coronavirus pandemic continues claiming lives, the solution will help the administration manage the healthcare data properly. All data will be placed in the blockchain, and then the citizens will have access to the platform with their SingPass.

Remarkably, the blockchain solution has circumvented the need for paperwork, and that it is not only environmentally friendly, but it can also be vulnerable, be imitated, or go missing. Worst case scenario, the physical papers are challenging to manage.

Once accessed, the users can choose what they want to share and for how long the files will be accessible to third parties. It will then level the distributed ledger of OpenAttestation to ensure that the swab results, vaccination records, and the immunity proofs remain secured and accessible whenever verification is needed.

In a testimonial, SGInnovate stated:

“Digital Health Passport leverages blockchain technology to generate tamper-proof cryptographic protections for each medical document. Users can automatically verify the digital records via a mobile app and present it to officials via QR code, for a quick and seamless verification process.”

Simon Gordon, the Deputy Director, continued:

“As the pandemic tested Singapore’s healthcare sector, we identified a gap in the large-scale management of medical records. We wanted to quickly build a solution that enables a trusted authentication process, to create more efficiencies for healthcare practitioners and officials working at the frontline, and support the safe reopening of the economy.”

Singapore COVID-19 Cases are rising.

Last Oct 1, Singapore has reported 21 new cases moving their total tally to 57,736, the highest number for over a month.

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