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China launched Blockchain-powered Biometric

A regional office of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) – the state’s electricity monopoly and the largest utility organization globally – said that it had created a blockchain technology-powered digital identity authentication system.

As per Shupeidian, the Anhui Province branch of the SGCC stated it is set to create a “digital ID card” that utilizes blockchain technology to authenticate user data on networks and ensure security.

The system will see all of the SGCC’s Anhui offices share data on a blockchain network with the province’s electric power information and communication center and several other power supply companies located in the province.

The state-run firm said that its new solution would “boost the efficiency of identity authentication and avoid system unavailability problems that might be otherwise caused by core server failure.”

The SGCC’s Anhui branch added that blockchain technology would help create an attack-resistant system that enhanced the security of ID authentication processes and improved management efficiency.

This division is the first SGCC to develop a blockchain technology-powered identity authentication solution and announced it has been operating with private IT specialist firms and central SGCC organs on blockchain-related solutions since 2018.

This year, the SGCC indicated that it was fixed to begin a blockchain “lab.” This specialist research unit will seek to apply blockchain technology solutions to the monopoly’s business and internal operations.

The grid also operates its mainnet and has been registering blockchain-related patents at a quickly increasing rate.

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